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Rebecca said:
Ill try to follow you on this one, but it is not easy! Are you sure though, it should be separate from above point?? So me… big city person (empathy, knowledge), and gardener (knowledge), wanting to make a difference/add to city life. Practical?? I am, where the french are often not, but I am not sure if that is a selling point? From it stems my desire to make it easy.


Decent length & tone:

Back in 2014, my girlfriend and I moved in together and, in my efforts to put my stamp on what was her place, I soon made it my mission to turn the bare, unloved balcony into an urban garden that we could be proud of. One long weekend, I realised that this was going to be far easier said than done.

Firstly, I realised that I had no idea what plants I liked nor what kind would be right for our little east-facing balcony. I then realised that I was going to have to travel to the city’s far reaches to find a garden centre and, once I’d eventually got to one, I couldn’t find anyone or anything to help guide me. So I pulled out my iPhone and headed online. ‘Surely there’s a half-decent online garden centre’, I thought. And there was for the experienced country gardener whereas there was nothing for a clueless urban gardener like me.

In the end, I bought some plants from a nearby supermarket but, within four weeks, they were dead. The plant paradise I had promised to create soon looked rather sorry for itself.

Disheartened but still determined, I picked up some books, got back on the horse named ‘Gardening’ and started learning. In the meantime, I heard more and more of my friends were struggling with the same plant problems that I had been having. So I thought I’d try to find a way to help them and others like us.